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Senator Warner's writes letter of support
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S.N.V., Inc. is an organization that is dedicated to those who have unfortunately experienced being a victim of sexual abuse. It is the goal of S.N.V. to provide men, women and children of sexual abuse with a place to turn to, for listening, support, understanding and guidance towards the aspects of survival after this abuse. Victims of Sexual Abuse must be informed that they are empowered to make the choice of whether or not they wish to remain Victims or become Survivors. S.N.V. is also dedicated to helping prevent our/your children from becoming victims of sexual abuse by empowering them to be aware of all situations they may run into that could transform their lives forever. Read More

"August 3, 2008 was a day like no other. I made plans to make that day my last day. 30 Oxycodone sat on the shelf of the medicine cabinet. They were my ticket out ... writing my suicide note"
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Our programs are designed to help improve our communities in the areas that affect
mental and physical growth.

Read More : Division I: Sexual Abuse Awareness and Support
Through our sexual abuse awareness and support organization where we counsel and support victims of sexual abuse by helping them to become survivors instead of remaining victims of sexual abuse.

Read More : Division II: Performing Arts and Mentoring Program
Our Performing Arts and Mentoring Program, teachs children preventative and awareness measures of situations through the art of theatre, music, and dance where they learn how to be aware, how to prevent, how to recognize situations they face on a daily basis.

Read More : Division III: After School and Summer Feeding Program
Through the USDA and the State of Virginia S.N.V., Inc. are sponsors that provides thousands of meals a day for kids & teens, free meals for the summer and after school pm snacks. 2012 Summer Food Service Program Locations: Click Here!

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