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S.N.V., Inc. is an organization that is dedicated to those who have unfortunately experienced being a victim of sexual abuse. It is the goal of S.N.V. to provide men, women and children of sexual abuse with a place to turn to, for listening, support, understanding and guidance towards the aspects of survival after this abuse. Victims of Sexual Abuse must be informed that they are empowered to make the choice of whether or not they wish to remain Victims or become Survivors. S.N.V. is also dedicated to helping prevent our/your children from becoming victims of sexual abuse by empowering them to be aware of all situations they may run into that could transform their lives forever.

S.N.V., Inc. was founded by Veronica Thomas (No Longer A Victim, But A Survivor!) a survivor of the terrors of childhood sexual abuse. Veronica did not allow her abuser to continue to control her life or supersede her ability to succeed. She made a choice to be a survivor. She was only a child when she was faced with the traumatic experiences of sexual abuse. Taken from the only home she knew as a child after her grandmother’s murder, losing her brother to one of her abusers and raped at will by the hands of two men her great-grandmother trusted. Had it not been for the love and determination of two angels that came and rescued her and her brother, she had no idea where she’d be today or if she would have even survived her childhood.

Veronica chose to turn her experiences with sexual abuse into a movement by creating S.N.V., Inc. (Survivors Not Victims) of Sexual Abuse. She was also encouraged and inspired to write her story entitled “VISIONS FROM THE PAST” (A True Story) which tells the horrific story of her childhood sexual abuse experience. It was the most difficult thing she’d ever done. But this book helped to heal her from her past as well as others that read her story and truly realized that they were not alone. She is currently having her book republished through AEG Publishing Company and will begin her second book in 2011 which will begin her journey back to the place of her childhood abuse in Jefferson, TX which she feels is necessary to complete her healing.

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