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Weed and Seed
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The mission of the Southeast Community Weed and Seed Project is to promote comprehensive strategies to reduce crime and revitalize communities. Weed and Seed is a community-based strategy sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice. This innovative approach promotes comprehensive strategies to reduce crime and revitalize communities. The goals are to: Weed: Enable communities to reduce violent and drug-related crime, Seed: Strengthen community capacity to enhance quality of life, and Sustain: Promote the long-term health and resilience of the community. For more information contact Sacil Armstrong, Coordinator at 757-247-2410.

Molding Minds
Online: www.moldingminds.org

Molding Minds is a faith based community organization that aims to empower people to reach their God given potential. We are grateful to be able to meet the needs of the people in the community through education, empowerment, and outreach efforts. Moldings Minds Ministries includes four programs that are changing lives throughout the Hampton Roads area and beyond. The four programs include: The Molding Mommies Program which caters to women, especially single mothers, Molding Missions seeks to lend a helping hand to underserved populations who are less fortunate by providing food, clothing and other resources to help them get on their feet, Molding Men redirects young men through positive mentoring efforts and education efforts and The Making of Magnificence is a series of self esteem building workshops focusing on issues that young women face. For more information contact Teyonna Aikens at moldingminds@gmail.com.

7 Cities Riding Club Inc.

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7 Cities Riding Club Inc. is a 501c organization that mentors youth ages 7 to 17. Most of our students have (IEP's) Individual Educational Plans. Our goal is to help children develop basic learning skills centered on their IEP's. 7 City’s helps them to develop in a comfortable setting and empower them; even when society has given up and have exhausted all avenues of enrichment. Every child is a gift and sometimes that gift needs time to nurture and develop. Our program is designed to mentor children through therapeutic mentoring using horses. The children have the opportunity to learn A to Z in horse care. Each child must learn how to take care of a horse before they can start riding. We are located on 11.3 acres in the City of Suffolk, Virginia. For more information contact Anthony Hooper at 757-218-8233 or
a_hooperus@yahoo.com or Candy King at tutushoot@yahoo.com.

Divine Concept Group

Divine Concept Group is a faith-based Non-Profit Organization that assists women, men and families to grow spiritually, emotionally, professionally and socially. We assist others in need through resources and fundraising. We help individuals to discover, develop and utilize their personal skills and abilities by connecting people with their purpose, We promote Christian principles through interpersonal fellowship, community based activities, outreach programs and other events. It is our goal to uplift and edify people from all backgrounds regardless of race, creed, color, age, gender, religious affiliation or status. Contact Info: Ericka Ward at divineconceptgroup@gmail.com

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