When you make a contribution to S.N.V. it helps our organization in so many ways. It helps us,
Feed the local community.
Develop programs to help our kids.
Provide support groups.
See how far your dollars can go when your
assisting us in supporting our communities.
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Home Page
Review an overview of the services and needs of S.N.V.
  About S.N.V.
Learn why S.N.V. founder Veronica Thomas decided to start survivors not vitcims to help victims of sexual abuse and why organization is moving forward.
  S.N.V. Programs
Review the programs available to the community offered by S.N.V. such as the counseling/support group, arts & mentoring program and the afterschool fedding program.
  Board Members
Review the people and support team behind S.N.V..
  S.N.V. Partners
See what businesses and organizations are building strong relationships and partnerships with S.N.V. to help our community.
Keep up with upcoming events S.N.V. is providing to the community and also review S.N.V. past events.
  Become an S.N.V. Member
Become part of the S.N.V network that is dedicated to bringing change across the region. Review the benefits of becoming a S.N.V. Member.
  S.N.V. Wish List
Review the ongoing needs of S.N.V. such as financial assistance, clothing, food and more.
  S.N.V. Corporate Media Kit
Download a copy of the S.N.V. Corporate Media Kit.
  Make A Contribution
See how you can make a difference in the community by helping fund programs through S.N.V.
Review how S.N.V. has helped people across the country with their outstanding support services.
Review press releases, articles, pictures and news updates from S.N.V.
Become one of our Facebook friends.
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